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Oh man, Santa, sorry this is so late. (Every year I say I'm going to get my letter up on time. EVERY YEAR.) Anyways, if you've just rolled in here for kicks, and it's near the deadline, and you're panicking because your fic in some way doesn't conform to my guidelines: DO NOT WORRY, YULEGOAT, I AM RIDICULOUSLY EASY. I was that kid who played with gift boxes instead of actual gifts. No pressure, I swear.

If, however, you've been frantically checking this page because you're one of those people who likes more detail in their prompts (which-- god, I am so, so sorry), read on.

First off: I love you. I love Yuletide. I also shamelessly adore presents. All this together means that basically anything you give me is going to make me deliriously happy (unless, you know, for some reason you decide to churn out a thousands words of "all work and no play makes Santa a dull boy". But I feel like that's unlikely). Also, I have picked fandoms and characters where I'm pretty much desperate for fic--ANY FIC.

In general: I like fic with awesome ladies, interacting platonically or otherwise; I REALLY like a well-done friendship. I like happy endings, but sad and wistful also works for me. I have a shameless thing for a well done trope (fancy!clothes at formal work functions, there's only one bed, etc.), but I also like realism. I'm not super fond of shmoop, or explicit non-con, or sex where people's bits are referred to as "members" and "love tunnels" (although I don't foresee that being a problem, Santa; I have faith in you).

Also? I am maybe not as disgusted by baby-fic as I perhaps should be. Witness my secret shame, Santa.

Rookie Blue [Sam/Andy]
Honestly, literally anything written in this fandom, even just peripherally mentioning this pairing, is going to work for me. I swear to you I'm easy. (I also swear I'm going to have a more detailed yuletide letter up at my journal, because I know you're just tearing your hair out already; I apologize Santa.)

Basically, anything and everything: Sam and Andy trying to be normal! Undercover AU! What happens when they get back from suspension! Their first fight! Something completely unrelated and awesome because you're probably more creative than I am at 2 a.m. in the morning! IT'S ALL GOOD, SANTA.

(Ahaha, oh those empty promises about having a letter up; sorry Santa, I'm a bad person.)

This fandom snuck up and slapped me in the face this past summer; it's been a whirlwind romance. It's like SVU, only it knows how to treat a girl right. (It's also pretty small, so if we've been matched on this: hi, one of ten or so people on my flist.)

It is also 100% this fandom's fault that I now have a thing for tropes. And babyfic. And, um, some uniquely kinky sex. (Seriously, flip through some of the descriptors on the fic I've written; YEAH.) Happily for you, anything about Sam and Andy in any capacity is probably going to do it for me in a huge, embarrassing way. Andy McNally is pretty much my favourite character ever, in anything (which is weird, because she's basically Meredith Grey 2.0 + Canadian, so objectively I should hate her, but. There it is). GO WITH GOD, SANTA.

OH, ALSO. I am Canadian, so the Canadian aspects of this show (I recognize the STREETS, Santa, you don't understand how rare that is for us Canucks) really tickle me.

The Good Wife [Will, Diane, Patti Nyholm]
Because they are the awesome coalition, basically. It doesn't even have to include all four three: Will and Diane! Diane and Patti! Will and Patti! Relationships of a sexy nature or not, I really don't care. (Although: I remain convinced Will and Patti totally had some sort of fling when they were younger; probably they bickered the whole time.) Go crazy, Santa, I'll love anything.

(Whoops, I swear I can count, Santa: the original request had another person tacked on and my editing skills are shoddy.)

They are 100% the awesome coalition. And you know, I was totally going to request you keep Will and Diane platonic ("we make the best couple" / "everything but the sex"), but um. That meeting out on the secret section roof last episode? Yeeeeah. I would also not hate it if you wanted to take those two in a sexy direction. (But I do think Will loves Alicia, in an awful, all-consuming, she-is-totally-going-to-break-his-heart way.)

Basically, these three are amazingly amusing. Backstory, something current--hell, even when they're old and grey and all on the judge's bench. I don't care. You don't even have to include them all if you don't want.

Pan Am [Colette, Dean, Kate, Laura]

Gosh, this fandom is so new there just isn't any fic for it. So, my demands are this: write me a fic that involves these characters in any capacity. Colette/Dean, Colette/Kate, Laura/Dean, Laura/Colette (although, seriously, please don't slash the sisters). Somehow, I ship everyone with everyone on this show--I'm not sure why. Perhaps because they're all so pretty and clean looking?

Also: I love the setting, and the 60s, so if you want to base a fic on that, knock yourself out.

This show kind of snuck up on me too. At first I was watching, laughing at all the plot twists and ridiculousness and how their flight assigments manage to take them straight into every great historical moment ever, but then... I don't know. I like pretty people. I also have a crush on Colette something fierce (she is also Canadian, the actress that is--and let me tell you, that is a boss Parisian accent she is putting on, that shit is hard to pull off when you've been brought up Quebecois). I ship everyone with everyone, so this is super easy; pick two and roll with it Santa. Heck, even make it gen.

Aaaaand that's all I got. Have a lovely Yuletide, Santa. May all your wishes come true.

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