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Warning: the ones with a * beside their name are old.  Like, really really old.  They are from when I was young and stupid and I make absolutely no promises as to the quality of their content (or spelling, for that matter).  On the other hand, if you want to have a laugh at baby!threeguesses, they're the best place to start.

Devil Wears Prada

1 + 1 = Window  [Caroline, Cassidy, Andy/Miranda] 
Caroline was born first.

Five Assistants That Miranda Priestly Never Sleeps With (And One That She Does) [Miranda, Andy/Miranda] 
What?  You thought she was fucking them all?

Harry Potter

All Things Upright [McGonagall, vague McGonagall/Dumbledore]
Minerva was sent to school two years before the world went to hell.

The Only Rule Is [McGonagall, McGonagall/Tom Riddle]
She should really find a better place to keep her heart, because there's a war on and her sleeve is getting dangerous.

Memory Lapses [McGonagall/Dumbledore]
Sometimes, in our old age, we forget things.

That Which Never Was [McGonagall, Dumbledore, pseudo-gen]
"I mean," the Astronomy Professor continued in a whisper, "I always reckoned she was just a little bit in love with him."

His Dark Materials

Palmistry [Serafina Pekkala/Lee Scoresby]
Witches are born without lifelines.

Works and Days [Serafina Pekkala/Farder Coram]
Farder Coram meets Serafina Pekkala during the last days of summer. [Written for Yuletide 2010.]

Life (tv)

A Basket of Cellophane [Ted/Charlie]
I mean, I'm not Robin or Alfred, so am I Mary Jane? [Written for Yuletide 2008.]

Intreat me not to leave thee [Karen Davis, Dani Reese, others]
Davis is Jack Reese's partner for a long time. [Written for Yuletide 2009.]

The Office

All Road Lead Down That Sewer [Darryl/Roy]
This is not Hans Christian Anderson.

Glassblowing [Pam, Jim/Pam]
There is a kind of art to them.

Hope is Out of Style [Jim, Jim/Pam]
There is nothing wrong with the left phalangey and he doesn't get off the plane.

Twenty Facts About Karen Filipelli [Karen/Pam/Jim]
Karen was almost named Henrietta.

Rookie Blue

gentlemen prefer [Sam/Andy: locker room, stakeout, young]
The thing is, she isn't even his type. [Written for Porn Battle XII.]

In the middle of that riot, couldn't get you off my mind [Sam/Andy]
The dress doesn't fit. (The one where they go undercover and bone.)

loosening my grip on Bobby Orr [Sam/Andy]
The one where they go to a hockey game.

table seats four and a couch seats three [Sam/Andy, post-2x11 speculation]
Sam spends the morning alternating between feeling stupidly pleased and just straight-up stupid.

this one thing is always supposed to stay [Sam/Andy]
The huge-ass commentfic where they do it all night long. [Co-written with [ profile] lowriseflare and [info]ws_scribe.]

thought it was a fever, found out it was a plague [Sam/Andy: cookout, tan, whine]
It must be fucking exhausting. [Written for Porn Battle XII.]

The Surprisingly-Cohesive Comment!fic Universe (in Chronological Order)
[All co-written with [ profile] lowriseflare]
blood that moves the body [Sam/Andy: crappy cover apartment, over his knee]
The one with the light S&M.

christmas morning, back from the war [Sam/Andy]
(Immediately post-2x13 finale.) The one where they do it on the kitchen floor.

tie our hands to something solid [Sam/Andy, suspension fic]
The one with the period sex.

a whole house on fire if you'd let it [Sam/Andy, first day back at work]
The one where they do it in the bathroom of the Penny.

infinitely late at night [Sam/Andy]
The one with the handcuffs.

the syntax of things [Sam/Andy]
The one with the "I love you."

all of us secret agents [Sam/Andy]
The one where they break up.

something nobody with sense would understand [Sam/Andy]
The one with the proposal.

on your everyday nights [Sam/Andy]
The one with the baby-making.

Rookie Blue RPF

and possibly I like the thril
l [Ben Bass/Missy Peregrym]
With apologies to the young Mrs. Bass. [Co-written with [ profile] lowriseflare.]

Star Wars

A Tale (In Past Tense) [Han, Han/Leia]
Han Solo wants to tell you a love story.

After The Gold Rush
[Luke, Luke/Leia, Han/Leia]
He must have already known, he thinks.  Because everyone's been telling him for years.

And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon
[Janson, Janson/Mothma]
One day Wes Janson woke up and decided he wanted to save the world.

[Mothma, Janson and the Rogue Squadron]
A collection of vignettes.

[Janson, Janson/Leia, Janson/Mothma]
Janson wakes up with someone in his bed.  And that someone is not him because he checked, and he's here, and that crosses off an out-of-body experience.

[Han Solo]
Why'd the mercenary cross the road?

[Leia, Han/Leia]
She was wearing his shirt.  They made their assumptions.

Eighteen and a Thousand Years
Um.  Please don't read it.

Five Things That Didn't Happen
[Han/Leia, Mothma/Janson]
Five things that didn't happen on Hoth.

Fog Inside The Glass
[Han, Han/Leia]
She smiles at you as though something good can come of it.  You aren't sleeping.

[Luke, Han/Leia]
He knew what he wanted to tell them.  But they didn't want to hear it.

The Not-Quite-Love Letters
[Han/Leia, Mothma/Janson, Mothma/Rieekan...]
Because, technically, the first love letter Solo wrote Organa was blackmail.  (My chapter fic of doom!)

To Know Better
They are not in love.

[Leia, Han/Leia]
If you don't know the answer, always pick c.

Your Contribution to the War Effort (A Mercenary's Guide) [Han, Han/Leia]
Han isn't by-the-book.

The Good Wife

The dice were loaded from the start [Alicia/Kalinda]
The hotel room is freezing.

All written for TGW Comment Fic Meme.
Build me a boat that can carry two [Alicia/Kalinda: sharing clothes]
Move [Alicia/Kalinda: drunken dancing]
C. K. Dexter Haven, You Have Unsuspected Depth [Alicia/Kalinda, Jackie: country club]
Nets of silver and gold have we [Alicia/Kalinda: morning-after hangover]

Easy As [Alicia/Kalinda: secret, feelings, work, possible]

The thing is, oddly, Kalinda's a pretty decent girlfriend. [Written for Porn Battle XII.]

Everything she takes, she takes apart [Ensemble: take your daughter to work day]
Everything I say, she takes to heart.

Finds a convenient streetlight, steps out of the shade [Alicia/Kalinda: the shivers]
Alicia can't remember the first kiss. [Written for TGW Summer Comment Fixathon.]

Five Friends Kalinda Sharma Couldn't Keep (And One She Did) [Kalinda/everyone and no one]
Kalinda has never trusted well.

Four Times Alicia Was Thinking Of Kalinda When She Shouldn't Have Been  (And Once When She Definitely, Definitely Should Have) [Kalinda/Alicia]
The first time's an accident. [Written for TGW Summer Comment Fixathon.]

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't [Kalinda, Kalinda/Alicia, Kalinda/her own broken heart]
Kalinda does.

Hindsight Bias [Alicia/Kalinda]
She expects Alicia to regret it.

Lay me on the table, put flowers in my mouth [Alicia/Kalinda: 18 times]
"Peter fucked the hooker eighteen times." [Written for TGW Summer Comment Fixathon.]

Like A White Shocking Wire [Will/Alicia/Kalinda]
(Or, Twenty Ways Will, Alicia, and Kalinda Never Had A Threesome.)

Rumpelstiltskin [Alicia/Kalinda: tattoo]
Alicia doesn't notice the first few times. [Written for TGW Summer Comment Fixathon.]

Thicker Than [Alicia/Kalinda: period kink]
Kalinda. It's unsanitary.

Though I Once Supposed So [Alicia/Kalinda]
On their first day of work there are boxes in the hallway and the building still smells of paint.

you got a face with a view [Alicia/Kalinda: devoted wives porn trilogy]
"So. There's porn about me."

You have not yet learned to crawl [Alicia/Kalinda]
The first time Kalinda kisses her, it isn't entirely a surprise. [Written for Yuletide 2010.]

The Good Wife RPF

Darling Why Don't We [Matt/Archie: dancing at the wrap party]
She practices accents on him sometimes. [Written for TGW Summer Comment Fixathon.]

I'm seeking girls in sales and marketing [Matt/Archie: ...and no one will know]
Probably, actually, everyone knows. [Written for TGW Summer Comment Fixathon.]

Wicked (Bookverse)

people come and go so quickly here [Elphaba/G(a)linda]
Glinda doesn't remember very much of her school days. [Written for Yuletide 2009.]

The X-Files

And if I make my bed in Sheol [Scully, Scully/Mulder, alt-u]
Mulder dies on a Tuesday.

five things that never happened to dana scully [Scully, Scully/Mulder, Scully/Samantha]
Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?

for the weary
[Scully, Mulder/Scully, iwtb-speculation]
Scully sits at the kitchen table and waits for the blood to stop.

Gardening in Tropical Climates
[Scully, Mulder/Scully, post-iwtb]
"You can't have it all, Doctor Scully," the scarecrow tells her.  It is smoking a cigarette.  "There's always something you have to give up."

Shopping List
[Scully, Mulder/Scully, cancer-arc]
Scully has too many rolls of toilet paper for just one person.

silver bells and cockle shells
William meets a girl in the garden.

Date: 2008-08-13 10:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
: O You're alive! /random
Good idea. Y'know, the list thing.

Date: 2008-08-27 05:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is great. I came here by way of "1+1=Window" (which is brilliant, by the way--I just left a more detailed response in the comments), and I'm amazed by the consistent greatness of your writing style, at least among the few pieces I've read so far. I've never watched or been into the "X-Files" but I read a couple of the "X-Files" pieces you have here and was blown away by the writing.

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