Date: 2010-11-26 04:30 am (UTC)
*makes small wibbling noise*

I really like this, not just because it means I have an excuse not to finish the ghost!Mulder draft sitting on my hard drive. (Oh, threeguesses just posted one! I shouldn't write it now. Too soon. Yes, uh huh, that's exactly why.) Scully's reaction to his death is so pitch perfect, and the slide downhill from there is so subtle and swift that it seems natural. Her ever reaction in this is just spot-on, from the ignoring to the rage to the overwhelming grief to the slipping out of time.

There's something...horrific about this. I find myself angry with Mulder at the end of it, because of what he's doing to Scully--by which I mean, pulling her out of her life entirely. And what's awful about it is that it isn't grief, it can't be grief, because it's denial of a particularly epic sort. Mulder's deadness (even if he's hanging around haunting up the joint) needs to be dealt with, and he's not letting her do it, and he keeps realizing it's a problem but he doesn't care enough to step back and let it happen. It's's wrong. He should know it's wrong. Even if Scully's too broken to call him out on it. I just want to shake him, after about the halfway point.

The font thing works, btw.

I feel some kinda way about the sketchiness of the empiric elements of this, but I think that's a problem of my mileage varying. Anyway, this is very lovely. Thank you for it.
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