Date: 2010-11-27 06:24 am (UTC)
ext_20969: (Default)
very rarely a fic comes along that makes a certain overwhelming impression on me. namely, that once finished, the only thing i can think for some time is that i want the writer to take it all back.

this sounds horrible, but is actually intended as the deepest of compliments. writing horror is difficult - really difficult. it can end up silly, it can end up pointlessly grotesque, it can end up just plain tragic, or it can very easily end up numbing. keeping your reader from either disengaging from horror, or sinking into dispair, is extremely tough work (at least it is if i'm your reader). this fic certainly does the job. it's absolutely horrifying, and it just keeps drawing me in and in, to the very last line, which is perfect and almost nauseatingly disturbing.

yeah, um...i'd like to say more but right now it's not going to happen. i could spend days feeling this fic creep around my brain like a spider in my hair. for the record, i'm totally calling this Halloween fic, even if it didn't get posted until late November. i've never read any Halloween fic that was genuinely creepy, and I'd like to have something to put in that catagory.
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