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Fills from [ profile] sweetjamielee's The Good Wife Summer Comment Fix-athon (which was, needless to say, amazing).
AN: Ratings range from PG to R.  All RPF fics are, of course, complete fabrications.

Lay me on the table, put flowers in my mouth [prompt: Alicia/Kalinda, 18 times] 

"Peter fucked the hooker eighteen times." )

Finds a convenient streelight, steps out of the shade [prompt: Alicia/Kalinda, the shivers]

Alicia can't remember the first kiss. )

Darling Why Don't We  [prompt: Matt/Archie, dancing at the wrap party]

She practices accents on him sometimes. )

I'm seeking girls in sales and marketing
[prompt: Matt/Archie, ...and no one will know]

Probably, actually, everyone knows. )
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My main yuletide fic this year, written for [ profile] raggedclause (Laylapalooza): You have not yet learned to crawl [Good Wife fic, femslash], plus a treat for echoinautumn: Works and Days [His Dark Materials, Serafina Pekkala/Farder Coram].

Meanwhile, Rivestra gave me an extremely lovely Medium fic: A Very Dubois Christmas.  It's about Joe, shopping for his psychic family.  It is seriously the most awesome thing since sliced bread.  Go read it.