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Oh man, Santa, sorry this is so late. (Every year I say I'm going to get my letter up on time. EVERY YEAR.) Anyways, if you've just rolled in here for kicks, and it's near the deadline, and you're panicking because your fic in some way doesn't conform to my guidelines: DO NOT WORRY, YULEGOAT, I AM RIDICULOUSLY EASY. I was that kid who played with gift boxes instead of actual gifts. No pressure, I swear.

If, however, you've been frantically checking this page because you're one of those people who likes more detail in their prompts (which-- god, I am so, so sorry), read on.

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My main yuletide fic this year, written for [ profile] raggedclause (Laylapalooza): You have not yet learned to crawl [Good Wife fic, femslash], plus a treat for echoinautumn: Works and Days [His Dark Materials, Serafina Pekkala/Farder Coram].

Meanwhile, Rivestra gave me an extremely lovely Medium fic: A Very Dubois Christmas.  It's about Joe, shopping for his psychic family.  It is seriously the most awesome thing since sliced bread.  Go read it.
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My yuletide fic, written for HPStrangelove: I mean, I'm not Robin or Alfred, so am I Mary Jane?  The working title was "How Charlie and Ted Circumvent Prop 8 and Also Accidentally Raise Rachel".  Yes.

Also, I'm going to take this opportunity to pimp the fics that were written for me... )


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