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I love you.  You are wonderful, awesome, spamtacular, and assorted other adjectives.  Yuletide fills me with love for humanity, but especially for you, Santa.  Let me tell you, first off, anything you write will be adored.  I am easy.  I am yuletide-slut.  However, some people prefer more specific guidelines, prompts, etc, SO.  Here we go.

In general:  I don't really have a preferred genre.  Humour, angst, romance, etc - it's all good.  Do what you feel, Santa.  Nevertheless, there are some things I do not like in my fics: non-con, hurt-comfort, or character-bashing.  ...Pretty much anything else goes though.  Feel free to troll through my fic if you want specifics, but in general I can be convinced to like basically anything so long as it's well written.  Onward!

1. The Good Wife - Alicia, Kalinda.

Alright.  I love this show.  It is awesome x 1000, and Alicia and Kalinda are my number one favourite part.  Basically anything about them is destined to be wonderful.  The original request says femslash, but if that doesn't float your boat, Santa, please feel free to do gen.  I love the complex relationship they have on the show, so anything that explores that is all right by me.  

2.  Medium - Allison, Joe, Ariel, and Bridgette Dubois.

Santa, if you've signed up for this, you win for liking this show and this family.  I'd love to see anything that focuses on the Dubois home-life, or even Joe/Allison-backstory.  But: for the love of God no incest. 

3.  Fringe - Olivia, Fauxlivia.

I'm intrigued by the differences/similarities between these two characters.  It would be cool to see a fic that contrasted them, be it through their interaction, or interaction with the characters in their respective universes, or anything, basically.  ...Or you could go the route of Olivia on Olivia porn.  Whichever you prefer, dear Santa.

In conclusion:  go nuts

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